Warehouse Optimization

Streamline warehouse operations with smarter automation and improved visibility.

Streamline your warehouse operations

Improve the efficiency and reliability of your warehouse operations thanks to smarter planning and real-time task automation. You can use enterprise AI to both augment traditional planning and process modeling and to power apps used by operators in routine decisions such as replenishment and picking.

Prevision’s enterprise AI platform enables you to tap into all your sources of data (SCM, ERP, WHM…) to capture patterns and dependencies across all your operations. You can incorporate information such as sensor and robot data, weather and real-time sales to improve the accuracy and resilience of your decision aids and automated processes.

Improve stock positioning

Position the right amount of inventory in the optimal location at the right time for all your downstream operations.

Automate route planning

Streamline picking, packing and replenishment. Optimize stock count and inspection processes.

Optimize workforce planning

Optimize human resource allocation. Automate scheduling based on seasonality and predicted workload.

Optimize slotting

Optimize use of space. Reduce handling cost. Improve visibility and ease of stocktaking.

App exchange

Electricity Demand Forecasting

Electricity Demand Forecasting

Forecast electricity demand 2 days ahead across the French grid.


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