Upsell and Cross Sell

Activate the right strategies to increase customer revenue and profitability

Increase the value of every touchpoint and relationship

The importance of upselling and cross-selling goes beyond augmenting revenue and margin at the time of a transaction. As a properly considered strategy, it can improve value delivered to customers with resulting benefits in terms of experience, loyalty and lifetime value. 

Prevision’s enterprise AI platform offers effective solutions to improve product recommendations and merchandising in retail. In financial services, it can help you be more effective in your advisory role by offering more relevant bundles. In the hospitality sector, it can help you increase the value of every interaction or moment of truth.

Use Prevision to find patterns and signals in your customer data – including real-time streaming data – to give you the edge in upsell and cross sell strategies. The result is more effective personalized offers and recommendations that convert, and optimized Next Best Actions that empower your frontline staff to be more effective.

Increase basket size

Improve understanding of product associations to design bundles that increase basket size and profitability.

Intelligently impact sales

Empower your sales and direct marketing teams to know who your best upsell/cross-sell targets are. Create more effective target lists and dynamic segments of customers with the highest propensity.

Optimize lifetime value

Reward customers by offering tiering or differentiated service based on anticipated future value and not just past value.

The right action at the right time

Generate high performing Next Best Actions and Next Best Offers to grow customer relationships. More accurately recommend products and offers to visitors and app users in real time.

App exchange

House Price Prediction

House Price Prediction

Accurately estimate the value of real estate.


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