Supply Chain Optimization

Master your supply chain with smarter processes and augmented decision making.

Augment your supply chain

Supply chain optimization needs more than simply balancing supply and demand based on past experience. Managing global supplier networks, accelerating speed-to-market, controlling cost, quality and compliance add to the complexity. And that was before coronavirus upended many less-robust predictive approaches. 

Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, Prevision’s enterprise AI platform enables you to increase the performance and reliability of your supply chain operations through smarter automation, augmented decision making, and improved operational visibility.

Automate routine tasks

Streamline routine procurement and replenishment tasks to concentrate on more high-value planning and decision-making.

Predict with more relevance

Tap into all your operational and other data. Incorporate external sources such as weather or economic data to make your models more resilient.

Improve visibility and governance

Monitor vendor, shipment, product performance, and customer data.  Ensure quality and reliability of your suppliers and logistics partners.

Maximize operational efficiency

Optimize every step, from vendor selection, order placement, production scheduling, route planning, through to inventory positioning and workforce scheduling.

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Electricity Demand Forecasting

Electricity Demand Forecasting

Forecast electricity demand 2 days ahead across the French grid.


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