Risk Analysis

Protect loan performance and improve customer profitability.

Assess and mitigate business risk

Successful management of risk is an essential driver of profitability and competitiveness in banking and financial services, in particular.

Whether you need to avoid exposure to defaults, to optimize loan pricing or actuarial pricing, to evaluate the risk profiles of applicants and of existing clients, to predict missed payments, cash-flow difficulties or likelihood of renegotiation, to ensure compliance with respect to KYC or AML/CFT regulations, or to improve oversight of funds under management, enterprise AI holds the keys.

By leveraging large amounts of unstructured and digital data and identifying patterns and connections in a way that is not possible with traditional means, such as score cards, Prevision’s enterprise AI platform can help you assess, manage and proactively optimize risk.

Reduce credit risk

Make faster and more objective decisions about solvability, potential defaults or fraud when granting loans. Proactively increase potential lifetime value when choosing your customer relationships.

Improve KYC and compliance

Gain a competitive edge thanks to more fluid, transparent customer acquisition and onboarding processes with no sacrifice to customer knowledge or due diligence requirements.

Enable contract intelligence

Analyze contracts and legal documents to identify data points and clauses that expose you to risk.

Analyze portfolio risk

Assess nature and level of risk within investment portfolios. Improve dynamic understanding of value-at-risk.

Our Customers

Prevision’s platform has given us a reliable predictive and prescriptive solution to help us and our clients in loan recovery. Task automation has been a key factor in our teams’ improved success.

Anne Cornet
Executive Director, Credit Foncier / Groupe BPCE


App exchange

Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring

Automate the credit scoring process. Accelerate your decision-making and improve customer satisfaction.

Loan Recovery

Loan Recovery

Recommend next best actions to improve loan recovery and reduce risk of defaults.


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