Predictive Maintenance

Keep your business operating smoothly while optimizing the running costs of your capital equipment.

Ensure performance while reducing service costs

Whether you are managing a fleet, heavy engineering equipment, or a production line, improved predictive maintenance with Prevision’s enterprise AI platform can help you run more reliable and more profitable operations while optimizing the time, money and effort of planned or remedial maintenance.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Plan maintenance based on required availability, seasonality, and workforce scheduling.

Optimize the bigger picture

Take into account complex dependencies, cost structure, operating conditions, usage trends, and multivariate data.

Unlock the value of your sensor data

Use IoT, telemetry, visual and sound data to predict failure and to monitor service level.

Make smarter maintenance choices

Provide engineers and operators with explainable predictions and clear root cause analysis.

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Electricity Demand Forecasting

Electricity Demand Forecasting

Forecast electricity demand 2 days ahead across the French grid.


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