Location Intelligence

Gather valuable market insights and identify key areas for growth.

Gain valuable market insights

Public and private organizations can extract useful insights thanks to the advanced algorithms available in Prevision’s enterprise AI platform. AutoML analyzes multiple types of geospatial data like demographics and geographical data, satellite imagery and mobile use and other IoT data. Use these data powered insights to carry out due diligence, gain market intelligence, lower costs and increase opportunities.

Retail companies use geospatial analytics to understand activity and traffic patterns – who’s going where and when – in order to better decide on new locations. Real-estate developers can identify potential new markets. The hospitality industry can cater to a specific demographic too – once they know where to find it. In fact, almost any business sector can benefit from Prevision’s geospatial analytics to find new sales opportunities.

Identify locations for new stores and facilities

Discover where the highest concentrations of valuable customers are found.

Optimize your product or service

Use location intelligence to tailor your offer to local customer profiles.

Improve planning and public safety

Government organizations can use catchment data to ensure all citizens have access to essential services.

Evaluate the damage from natural disasters

Get a picture of the extent of damage from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or fires.

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