Lifetime Event Detection

Detect and anticipate opportunities to lift sales and to improve the customer relationship.

Understand the moments that count

Customer needs are unique. Segmentation and scoring are important tools to understand your customers and to address the right audiences. However, customer journeys are also dynamic. The ability to detect life events and intuit who is, or will be in-market and thus address the right audiences at the right time offers a clear commercial advantage. 

Contractual customer relationships, product life cycles and service life cycles are also punctuated by events. The corresponding moments of truth, or how you manage these events, make the difference between increasing satisfaction, referrals, and lifetime value — or conversely, losing customers to churn.

Prevision’s enterprise AI platform enables you to recognize patterns across thousands of variables in your CRM data, digital data, 3rd-party appends and even unstructured social data to refine customer knowledge.

Identify financial events

Identify high-impact client events: Births, coming of age, student loans, vehicle acquisition, new household, move, home loan, job loss, sickness, separation, retirement, inheritance, death, etc. Get the edge in high-ticket purchases. Support tiered and differentiated customer service.

Detect weak signals

Anticipate customers’ future needs before they shop around: Examples include predicting the likelihood of home purchase in a 6-month timeframe. Proactively provide relevant content. Give advisors and call center staff the most effective Next Best Actions.

Enable attrition modeling

Identify which B2B clients are at risk of defection to the competition. Predict high-impact events and situations in the business relationship, such as change to credit risk, cash-flow needs or change of ownership.

Support operational success

Empower your sales, marketing and customer service teams to make the most of each moment of truth. Maintain scores and dynamic segments up to date in real time. Enable staff to provide feedback on accuracy.

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