Image Analysis

Leverage image data to improve processes and augment decision-making.

Extract insight and opportunities from image data

The ubiquity and sheer volume of imagery in the enterprise, such as photographic and documentary data available today poses challenges to process. However, it also offers boundless possibilities not only to extract insight, but to improve processes and augment decision making. 

Prevision’s enterprise AI platform gives you the tools to more effectively implement robotic process automation, such as document processing and information extraction in back-office settings. It is also a major source of productivity and opportunities in less-obvious settings such as: detecting food waste in quick service restaurants, classifying manufacturing defects, evaluating wear and tear, ensuring workplace safety, or protecting your capital assets.

Improve safety and quality control

Automate visual inspection. Detect and classify anomalies of manufactured parts, processes and  of capital equipment.

Augment medical diagnostics

Classify and analyze MRI, X-RAY CT, or ultrasound imagery.

Enable smarter provision of public services

Monitor condition of urban furniture, detect illegal dumping, graffiti, or parking infractions based on roaming vehicle photography.

Get more from your digital marketing assets

Understand which images work best for your audiences. Analyze marketing assets and user-generated content to categorize scenes, composition and sentiment. Identify brands or products, to moderate content or ensure brand safety.

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