Fraud Detection & Prevention

Protect your organization and leverage your existing IT framework to identify weaknesses before they’re exploited.

Catch fraud before the damage is done

Untold billions are lost annually to fraud, devastating organisations in both the private and public sectors, and sometimes affecting the ability of an organisation to stay afloat. Fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated – even using machine learning – and move fast. Staying ahead of them requires equally advanced and agile solutions that act in real time.

Prevision’s enterprise AI platform can help you fight fraud with a scalable platform that can evolve continuously, is lightning fast and easy to maintain and use. You can highlight anomalies within complex transactions, make daily predictions, get detailed explanations, then assess the quality of these predictions to keep the system running accurately and free of bias.

Make daily predictions

Provide back office teams with prioritized lists for their attention.

Avoid misidentifying fraudsters

Ensure your algorithms are accurate to prevent dismissing customers with high lifetime value.

Stay ahead of the game

Detect outliers and abnormal behavior in real time so you can react as quickly as they act.

Meet anti-money laundering requirements

Fulfil your obligations both to regulatory agencies and to your clients.

Our Customers

Prevision’s platform has given us a reliable predictive and prescriptive solution to help us and our clients in loan recovery. Task automation has been a key factor in our teams’ improved success.

Anne Cornet
Executive Director, Credit Foncier / Groupe BPCE


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