Churn Prevention

Keep valuable customers loyal and maximize their lifetime value.

Protect your best assets: your customers

When you know that the cost of gaining new customers can be from 5 to 25 times more than that of keeping existing customers, you don’t want to lose a single one. Yet one bad experience could be enough for a customer to churn, and they aren’t likely to give you a chance to prevent it.

Prevision’s enterprise AI platform enables businesses to examine customer interactions as a whole, analysing data from off and online interactions, customer reviews, emails, even phone calls, to reveal churn indicators. Identify churn propensity before it happens, so you can take effective action in time. What’s more, AI insights can help hone a wider customer engagement strategy for increased lifetime value.

Get easy to understand predictions

Any member of the team can access and evaluate potential churn risks.

Benefit from a 360° view of customers

Develop an in-depth customer engagement strategy for higher LTV.

Reach the right customer at the right time

Leverage all your data to reach valuable customers before they leave, not when it’s too late.

Leverage data value for other teams too

Churn prediction can help avoid a badly-timed sales call that would push a hesitant customer out the door.

Our Customers has enabled us to reduce the time-to-market of AI projects by a factor of 4.

Rachid Alili
Chief Data Scientist & Data Governance / Groupe La Poste


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