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Keeping Up With Data Transformation

The retail industry is one of the most competitive markets with versatile customers and increasing pressure from online competitors. Retailers aggregate valuable customer data from all types of sources but often fail to take full advantage of it, resulting in high inventory costs and fragile customer loyalty. To streamline operations and improve retail experience, managers need to embrace machine learning tools.


Taking Advantage of Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms can process a lot of data in real-time to provide clear and exploitable insights to drive customer profiling, demand and inventory forecast, product recommendations. Thanks to automated tools, business experts are now also able to benefit directly from such insights to boost the productivity of retail operations and drive customer loyalty.


Why for Retail?

We believe in building highly efficient predictive models that are immediately deployable, scalable, and accessible by users without a data science background. helps retailers accelerate their data science projects by empowering business experts with machine learning solutions while reducing time spent in implementation.

Start using Machine Learning models in Your Operations.

Pricing Optimization

Pricing Optimization's automated machine learning platform provides pricing and revenue optimization solutions. Thanks to advanced clustering techniques, retailers can better evaluate the potential impact of sales promotions on inventories and estimate the right price for each product based on seasonality and price elasticity. View the use case

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Customer intelligence is critical to understand your clients’ future activities and changing lifecycles. The increased speed of information processing due to Machine learning drives more profound insights into customer behavior and enables retailers to predict Churn, UpSell, and Cross-Sell opportunities more efficiently. View the use case

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain data and analytics can provide retailers real-time insight into area performance and logistics.’s automated machine learning platform can generate predictive models for operational efficiency with streamlined logistics functions and optimized supply forecast. View the use case

Artificial intelligence offers the opportunity to significantly improve the speed and accuracy of making projections and predictions based on supply chain data.

– The Pew Research Center, 2018 –

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