Discover how’s automated machine learning platform enables media and entertainment companies to leverage predictive analytics to drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction.


Data Is The New Currency

Organizations in the media industry have access to a lot of raw consumer data coming from multiple touch points, online and off-line. Today, anticipating customers' tastes has become essential for media companies to stay competitive and retain audience attention. To do so, media companies need predictive analytics tools in place to fully benefit from vast amounts of customer data.


The Real Value of Automated Machine Learning

Data-fueled audience segmentation has enabled media players to have a better knowledge of their customers’ profiles and content consumption trends. Thanks to automated machine learning, managers are now able to quickly build predictive models to make more informed decisions in areas such as media programming and paid advertising.


Why for Media ?

We believe in building highly efficient predictive models that are immediately deployable, scalable, and accessible by users without a data science background. helps media companies accelerate their data science projects by empowering planners and managers with machine learning models while reducing time spent in implementation.

Start using Machine Learning models in Your Operations

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Media and entertainment companies can use’s machine learning platform for ad campaign optimization by building predictive models for specific targets or to identify which campaign is most likely to outperform the others. You can use this technique to build up customer loyalty and guarantee long-term revenue generation. View the use case

Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems

Recommender systems rely on collaborative filtering techniques which are increasingly used to make personalized recommendations to users, especially in media streaming platforms. They use advanced machine learning algorithms to effectively filter large media libraries and offer the best content and services to each user based on past choices and user profile. View the use case

Programming Optimization

Programming Optimization

Media professions have to know their audiences and their expectations. The real-time collection of the number of active users or their actions can feed the algorithms present in the automated tool. proposes predictive models of optimization of programming in delivers engaging content to order to retain and sustain the audience. View the use case

We use’s predictive analytics platform to build our media programming strategy on relevant information concerning our audiences and real-time trends in radio consumption.

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