The automated SaaS Machine Learning platform

Accelerate the creation and industrialization of the best predictive models. Create and deploy real business applications (dashboard, smartapps...) within the same product. Everything is simplified and controlled: from feature engineering, to modelling and one-click deployment. Collect, consume, share all your models or applications in a single secure and private place.

How It Works accelerates your Data Science projects and allows you to quickly build powerful, interpretable, and immediately deployable models on the Cloud or on-premise, using APIs, or in the Citizen Data Science platform for simplified use by business teams.

Connect Your Data

Simply connect your data file to start creating predictive models. uses the latest processing techniques to enrich any type of data.

Automated Machine Learning automates algorithms selection and hyperparameters setting to generate high-quality predictive models. The expert mode enables you to select the type of model you want to train. Opt-in the “BLEND” function to generate the most performant model.

Deploy Best Models

Once your model is built, you can put it into production immediately using APIs. Make changes to models and roll back to previous versions in just a few clicks. You can also deploy them in the Citizen Data Science platform, a marketplace for consuming, monitoring, and evaluating models.

Highly Detailed Explanations

Evaluate the performance of your models and confidence levels in real-time. Quickly analyze the importance of variables, model interactions, and feature settings. Get reports automatically for each use case developed on the platform.

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