Data Scientist

Faster and Smarter at Every Step

Increase the productivity of your data science projects. Reduce time spent in implementation.

Data Processing

Connect to all data sources, structured or unstructured (SQL, Hive, etc.).

Pattern detection and exploration of data sets is simplified thanks to deep learning.

Text, tabular data, time series, sound and image data processing and modeling are all streamlined.

Feature Engineering

Automatic data type detection.

Automatic text and image processing.

Patented data transformation techniques to maximize learning efficiency and achieve unrivalled global performance.


Library of learning algorithms – including many exclusive to Prevision – that evolves with the state of the art.

Patented technique of combining algorithms to maximize the performance of models.

Proprietary hyper- parameter optimization algorithm for ultra-fast search.


Hybrid multi-cloud Architecture.

Deployment of models and applications in an optimized infrastructure allowing a direct scale-up.

Advanced monitoring of the use and evolution of model performance.

Peace Of Mind At All Times

Once in production, Prevision has got your back. 

The platform provides clear feedback and indicators for you, your end users and systems administrators so that you can be sure your models are always performing at their best.

Platform Data Scientist Detail

Monitor API usage, compute and storage overhead, model health (drift and stability) and service level. 

Enable end users to improve models by giving feedback and labelling predictions.

Backtest, A/B test and ensure parallel-running and fallback options.

Retrain models and upgrade algorithms frictionlessly.

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