Prevision is an end-to-end enterprise AI platform, specifically designed to enable business users, data scientists, and developers to deliver AI projects  with better ROI, faster.

Save, innovate and grow

Streamline the creation, deployment and management of AI-powered business applications across their full lifecycle.

From optimizing capital equipment and streamlining back-office processes, to launching innovative services,
or improving sales performance – Prevision helps you put AI to work faster and more reliably.

Come as
you are

Prevision’s enterprise AI platform streamlines processes and delivers top-of-class automation.

Data experts can produce their best work and citizen users can access AI without learning new skills.

Full capability meets total control

Prevision consistently outperforms other AutoML engines and even expert-built models 99% of the time. 

Business users benefit from fully-explainable results and can provide feedback at all times.

Data scientists can unpack the internal logic, set constraints and hyperparameters.

AI lifecycle
made easy

Developers benefit from self-documented APIs and a highly-productive, cloud-based development and deployment framework. 

IT teams can easily monitor AI-powered business apps, ensuring their continued performance, whatever the conditions or scale.


By fluidifying the full AI lifecycle and accelerating the most high-value business use cases, Prevision puts AI to work faster in your organization.


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Built For Business Impact

Prevision accelerates the broadest range of high-value, high-impact enterprise AI applications. 

Use cases including predictive analytics, scoring, segmentation, robotic process automation, innovation and customer experience are all made possible.

Expert Power. Citizen Friendly

Work with data scientists to design and deploy the best-performing models for your business needs in record time. 

You can also create models autonomously in the role of a citizen data scientist.

Analysis And Reports

Visualize your data with user-friendly dashboards. 

Share them through secure reports.

There’s More in Store

Leverage past investment in your models and apps by storing and retrieving them from a secure private app store. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Improve productivity and speed the creation of new apps by finding other ready-to-use business apps and pre-trained models in the Prevision App Exchange.

Explainable AI You Can Trust

Understand the internal logic of your AI-assisted decision making. 

Demonstrate transparency to customers and regulatory accountability at all times.

Full Human Oversight

Give continuous feedback on scores and predictions so that unbiased accuracy and reliability are maintained over time.


Prevision is built atop a high-performance AutoML foundation that leads its class. 

Thanks to a battery of patented techniques, Prevision produces models that consistently  outperform those of alternative AutoML engines. Your models will outperform even expert-built models 99% of the time. Without you ever needing to touch a line of code. 

Simply put, whether you are an expert, a novice or a citizen data scientist, you can deliver the broadest range of high-value enterprise use cases, faster, while staying in full control.


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Work Faster And Smarter

Use our extensive library of use case templates, pre-trained models, data packs and even ready-to-use apps.

10 Minutes To Train.
1 Click To Deploy.

Deliver your models frictionlessly via production-grade apps or high-performance APIs.

Code Free And Code Friendly

Build models and workflows graphically. 

Alternatively use R or Python via our notebook environment or via API.

Data Wrangling No More

Simplify data preparation thanks to in-place data profiling and feature engineering.

Stay In Control

Define your own business constraints and tailor your own hyperparameters.

Avoid The Blackbox

Unpack the internal logic so you can fully trust the algorithmic performance and understand which variables count.


Prevision is a modular and open platform that fits within any technical environment and can be deployed and interfaced progressively. 

Development teams benefit from self-documented APIs and a highly-productive, cloud-based AI business app development and deployment framework.

IT teams can continuously monitor the health of both apps in production and AI models. This means AI business apps keep humming day in, day out, regardless of changing data and business conditions.


Faster Time-To-Value.
Lower TCO.

Prevision accelerates the steps between model building, app development, delivery and production. 

Gets AI out of the lab and into the hands of the business users with less friction and no hidden maintenance costs.

Best For DevOps

Encapsulate models in existing apps and processes. 

Create web applications directly or use our SDK and self-documented APIs to deploy AI-powered services and apps progressively. 

Continuous delivery, deployment, upgrading and maintenance of AI apps becomes a reality.

A Monitored Runtime Environment

Not just AI metrics such as drift and accuracy but real production indicators such as resource overhead, usage and service level.

Cloud Agnostic
And Scalable

Production-grade apps and high-performance APIs that offer unlimited scalability, whatever your production constraints. Prevision can be deployed on your premises or by using the cloud provider of your choice.


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