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Banking group reduces home loan default rates and optimizes recovery processes with

Prevision’s platform has given us a reliable predictive and prescriptive solution to help us and our clients in loan recovery. Task automation has been a key factor in our teams’ improved success.

Anne Cornet,

Executive Director, Credit Foncier / Groupe BPCE

Mitigating loan default risk

Credit Foncier is a home loans subsidiary of BPCE, France’s second largest banking group. 

The banking institution manages thousands of home loan and mortgage agreements every day. 

Identifying risk factors and detecting early signs of financial distress is key to finding mutually-beneficial resolutions while reducing defaults and missed payments.

Predicting the next-best action

Using Prevision’s enterprise AI platform, BPCE was able to build a privacy-complaint predictive model that draws upon multiple sources of financial and operational data. It optimizes the impact of each potential successive action in a loan recovery procedure over time.

Improved customer relationships and more reliable back-office procedures

Credit Foncier’s customer teams benefit from an intuitive business app that reliably recommends the next best action to take. It provides clear explanations of the reasons for its recommendations and enables users to give feedback.

Credit Foncier is able to find faster, mutually beneficial solutions with its clients in 90% of cases. Furthermore, there is a 50% reduction in the number of procedures that require escalation, with a corresponding improvement in productivity.

reduction in recovery procedures

of rapid resolutions automatically identified

Substantial increase in sums recovered.

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