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Launched in 2016, Prevision.io is a Deep Tech start-up that specializes in automated machine learning. We have developed an artificial intelligence engine that allows to automatically create and deploy predictive algorithms that are highly performant and interpretable. Our platform accelerates data science projects and enables organizations across sectors to better leverage their data.


The four co-founders of Prevision.io are considered experts in the field of data science and have won numerous Data Science competitions (Kaggle, Datascience.net, Meilleur Data Scientist de France).


Prevision.io is a team of professionals driven by one goal: human-centric AI must change the way we work and live. We believe that AI-as-a-Service should be ubiquitous in all organizations. We raised 1.5 M € with Hiinov / SNCF Digital Ventures in 2017 and joined the AI Factory of Microsoft, which brings together the champions of the artificial intelligence. Our ambition is to create an AI for each use case and to democratize predictive intelligence in the value chain of companies.

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