Get ready to fast-track building a robust AI practice! We have game-changing news to share. Effective immediately, is now available to the masses for $0 through a pay-as-you-use consumption-based model. No commitments. No long-term contracts. No shelfware. No per-user fee for the IT guy who needs to log in one time per year, or the analyst who wants to play around, or the intern on board only for the summer. No more!


Why are we offering revolutionary pricing in an industry known for expensive contracts and massive IT footprints? The industry, including ourselves at, are guilty of having talked ad nauseam about ‘Democratizing AI.’ What does that even mean? You can’t ‘democratize’ something and then slap a $250,000 price tag on it. We asked ourselves and our customers this question over the past year. Our findings — it doesn’t mean a thing other than a cute marketing slogan. 


Until now. We could not be more excited to announce the release of on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. As founders, we started to improve the lives of practitioners bogged down by inefficiencies in the AI lifecycle. For the last few years we have dedicated our lives and this business to supporting AI projects across Europe and now launching in the U.S. The largest banks in the world, recognizable pharmaceutical firms, retailers, transportation, amongst others have all benefited from the team and service we have built. In turn, we learned a ton about the evolving challenges practitioners face in realizing the impacts of AI. 

These learnings were the basis for the GCP partnership and our mission to Simplify AI. The more and more we spoke with our customers and the market in general, we continued to hear their challenges around “productionalizing” the models they build with and outside of Today’s offerings are just too hard to use. They either are robust enterprise IT applications that require an army of internal teams to set up and maintain. Or, the offerings built for data scientists are so brittle and resource-intensive that users become crippled by losses in productivity. 


Our industry-first AI Management Platform removes these production inhibitors while scaling the value, domain expertise, and impact users can have at their organizations. By simplifying and managing complexities throughout the AI lifecycle and offering frictionless pay-as-you-go pricing, is truly democratizing both the accessibility and use of AI and ML.

How can we say that? Our easy-to-implement offering is built for anyone. At any sized company. And with today’s announcement — it is accessible to users with any sized budget. So if you are a data scientist, citizen data scientist, developer or an overworked and under-resourced IT department, consider as your solution to the complex and broken processes across the Experimentation, Deployment, and Monitoring model lifecycle. Whether you build with Prevision’s industry-leading AutoML, utilize our flexible notebooks, or bring your own model to simplify the last mile and ongoing maintenance requirements — we help you finish your projects strong.


To try out the offering, we have a free trial on our website ( 

If you are a GCP user or want to try the platform on Google, here is a link to the Marketplace listing ( on GCP).


Get ready to move your AI practice forward as we lead the sector in making AI simple, accessible and more impactful with the industry’s first AI Management Platform.